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ICT Programme

ICT Programme

Technology and technological advancements have given rise to profound changes in society, transforming how we access and process information, how we communicate with others and how we work and solve problems. Here at West Spring, we leverage on the affordances of ICT (Information & Communication Technology) and focus on building our students’ experience by integrating technology in our lessons. At lower secondary, students gain exposure to coding and video production skills.

To equip students to face the rapidly changing demands of the 21st century, West Spring deploys the use of Google Apps for Education to create a real-world environment filled with opportunities for students’ collaboration and communication.

We constantly raise students’ awareness of their responsibilities when they are online through our Cyber Wellness Program. We believe that our ICT program, combined with our Cyber Wellness Program, will provide the means and the context to help our students become skilful problem solvers who can appreciate the significance of technology in everyday life and society, develop respect for others’ viewpoints and appreciate alternative solutions to problems and respond critically and resourcefully to real‑life challenges.

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